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Formula SAE at Kettering is a year-long commitment that challenges students to apply their classroom education to research, design, develop and market a formula car in international competitions. 

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Formula SAE® is a student design competition organized by SAE International (formerly Society of Automotive Engineers). Formula SAE promotes careers and excellence in engineering as it encompasses all aspects of the automotive industry including research, design, manufacturing, testing, developing, marketing, management and finances. Formula SAE takes students out of the classroom and allows them to apply textbook theories to real work experiences.

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Invest in Student Experiences

The Kettering University Formula SAE team competes in annual competitions at the Michigan International Speedway and Lincoln Airpart in Nebraska each year.

By becoming a Kettering SAE sponsor your company will be contributing to a world-class race team with a proven record of producing exceptional results. An investment in SAE is an investment in the engineering education of students who will be future leaders in the automotive and racing industries. Students who participate in SAE have a proven track record of being ahead of their peers.

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History & Results

2019 - Lincoln Airpark- 14th out of 77 teams (651.0 points out of 1000)
2014Michigan International Speedway - 62nd out of 107 teams (276.2 points out of 1,000)
2014Lincoln Airpark - 10th out of 67 Teams (719 point out of 1,000)
2013 - Michigan International Speedway - 15th out of 108 teams (621.3 points out of 1,000)
2013 - Lincoln Airpark - 7th out of 61 teams (807.2 points out of 1,000)
2012 - Michigan International Speedway - 74th out of 105 teams (222.4 points out of 1,000)
2011 - Michigan International Speedway - N/A
2010 - Michigan International Speedway - 32nd out of 102 teams (485.7 points out of 1,000)
Kettering University's 2019 Formula SAE team.

Current Sponsors

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Denso is a sponsor of Kettering University's Formula SAE team

Ford is a sponsor of Kettering University's Formula SAE team

Extreme Canopy is a sponsor of Kettering University's Formula SAE competition team.

GM Foundations is a sponsor of Kettering University's SAE Formula team

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