Safe Campus 2021



Since July 2020, the University has operated with face-to-face, hybrid and virtual course offerings, vigilant adherence to safety measures and procedures, and a continued commitment to provide our students with a robust on-campus educational and extracurricular experience.

We intend to have all students on campus and to operate as normally as possible. We will operate on an “exceptions model,” that is to say activities and facilities will be assumed open and permitted subject to our ability to maintain safe practices with respect to masks, hygiene, distance, and density - and only closed or canceled in identified situations where doing so is impractical or impossible.

In doing so, however, we will not relax overall measures to ensure the health of our community. We will continue to prohibit gatherings above a specified size, to limit visitors to and travel away from campus, to require the use of face coverings and other protective equipment, to limit building entrance points, to require health self-certification, and to deep clean our facilities, etc. But we will work to open as much of the campus as possible to our students, as well as to support as many extracurricular activities as possible.

We are committed to managing aggressively and creatively any obstacles or problems that may present themselves, recognizing that we all have roles to play - and responsibilities - to ensure the health of the Kettering community.

The University's Safe Campus 2021 Guidelines provide a roadmap for students, staff and faculty. It addresses key topics of interest in quick, searchable terms: Testing & Health Services, Safety Measures, Academics & Co-op, Student Life, Facilities and Visiting Campus.

The shared commitment to safety that we have shown as a community has allowed us to move forward in 2021 with experience and confidence. Please continue to review this important information as it will be updated on a regular basis.

Updates on Kettering University and COVID-19 will be posted here and on official University social media accounts.