Robotics at Kettering University.

FIRST KGMIAA Sponsorships

The Kettering/GMI Alumni Association (KGMIAA) is proud to again sponsor FIRST Robotics teams for the 2021 season.

Thank you to all those who have applied for the Kettering/GMI Alumni Association's FIRST Robotics sponsorships for the 2021 season. See list of this year's awardees below. 



The Alumni Association believes in the power of FIRST Robotics. A gift will give an aspiring team additional resources they need.

Platinum Level Awardee - $1,000

Team 5414 – Pearadox

Pearland ISD, Texas

Winning Essay

This may only be my third year on Pearadox, but I do not think I would be able to replicate my experiences here anywhere else in quite so little time. This team has given me opportunities to not only figure out passions of mine, but also to hone my skills and learn in a way that makes me excited for my future. I came into the team believing it would be solely technical robotics. Working with machinery, on the robot, and with engineer mentors sounded like a dream that only people in the movies get to live. Then, I was introduced to another part of Pearadox—our non-technical team. In it, I found I loved getting to focus on Pearadox’s true mission of inspiring people to appreciate and immerse themselves in STEM. It was full of people who, like me, had felt how motivating and valuable STEM could make someone, and wished to give that opportunity to as many as we could.

Pearadox is an experience creator—for the 60 students on our team, but also for the hundreds of thousands of people we get to meet, teach, and inspire every day. For example, since I joined the team, I’ve co-organized many Girls Get Togethers. These are unique events Pearadox runs at competitions geared towards introducing high school girls to women in engineering. We create a low-pressure environment where the women and girls can share their experiences, discuss advice, and foster an open community that gives girls the chance to have role models that look like them—a scarcity in STEM fields. I have also continued our Girls in STEM magazine initiative, where we create inspiring issues of magazines that contain interviews, tool introductions, and science activities. We spread these for free to anyone who needs it, from women's shelters to daycares, to ensure we can make STEM as inclusive as possible. We even had team members translate the issues to Spanish and Chinese to account for the large population of non-English speakers in the Houston area.

Those two examples were only a few of the initiatives I have been lucky enough to be a part of. I’ve been able to accomplish so much in the community with Pearadox’s help, and that is nothing compared to the 59 other students on our team! In the six years of Pearadox, our team members have been able to volunteer more than 5,000 hours in the community, reaching more than 300,000 people through our endeavors.

With this in mind, I do not think Pearadox is deserving of a sponsorship because we are an award-winning team, or because us students are able to build an incredible robot every year. Rather, I believe Pearadox will take a sponsorship and, like me, make it something greater. Something that will be used to impact those around us who need that motivation towards pursuing their passions, and I can promise we will do it well.

Gold Level Awardees - $500

Team 1967 – Janksters

  • Notre Dame High School, California

Team 226 – Hammerheads

  • Troy and Athens High School, Michigan

Team 1188 – Ravens

  • Royal Oak High School, Michigan

Team 862 – Lightning Robotics

  • Canton High School, Michigan

Team 5493 – SMAbotics_AG

  • Saint Mary’s Academy, Colorado

Team 5090 – TorqueNados

  • Trenton High School, Michigan

Team 3310 – Black Hawk Robotics

  • Rockwall Heath, Texas

Team 3538 – RoboJackets

  • Avondale School District, Michigan

Team 302 – The Dragons

  • Lake Orion High School, Michigan

Team 3414 – Hackbots

  • Farmington Public Schools, Michigan

Silver Level Awardees - $250

Team 4855 – Ramageddon

  • South Haven High School, Michigan

Team 2834 – Bionic Black Hawks

  • Bloomfield Hills High School, Michigan

Team 4405 – The Atoms Family

  • Plymouth Christian Academy, Michigan

Team 3373 – Team Robohawk

  • Highland High School, Virginia

Team 3536 – The Electro Eagles

  • Hartland High School, Michigan

Team 818 – Steel Armadillos

  • Butcher Educational Center (MMSTC), Michigan

Team 5505 – V2 Robotics

  • Alpena Public School, Michigan

Team 5150 – Hybrid Hornets

  • Kearsley High School

Team 67 – Heroes of Tomorrow (HOT)

  • Huron Valley Schools, Michigan

Team 7762 – AutoPilots

  • De La Salle Collegiate High School, Michigan

Team 469 – Las Guerrillas

  • International Academy – Central, Michigan

Team 5498 – Wired Devils

  • Grosse Ile Township Schools, Michigan

Team 503 – Frog Force

  • Novi High School, Michigan

Team 5577 – Kinematic Wolves

  • Detroit Cristo Rey High School, Michigan

Bronze Level Awardees - $150

Team 1025 – Impi Warriors

  • IMPI Robotics, Michigan

Team 3534 – House of Cards

  • Davison High School, Michigan

Team 3302 – Turbo Trojans

  • Clawson High School, Michigan

Team 5084 – Team FridgeBot

  • Corunna High School; Michigan

Team 4099 – The Falcons

  • Poolesville High School, Maryland

Team 3322 – Eagle Imperium

  • Skyline High School, Michigan

Team 5193 – Pantheon

  • Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy, Michigan

Team 1023 – Bedford Express

  • Bedford Senior High School, Michigan

Team 6085 – Green Devil Bots

  • Brown City High School, Michigan

Team 247 – Da Bears

  • Berkley High School, Michigan

Team 6099 – Knight Riders

  • Osborn High School, Michigan

Team 1322 – GRAYT Leviathons

  • Community Team, Michigan

Team 3452 – GreengineerZ

  • Berrien Springs High School, Michigan

Team 4998 – TESLA

  • Genesee Early College, Michigan