Students study together in a dpsace lab on Kettering's campus.

Transfer Students

Transfer Now. Transfer Later.

Maybe you’re ready to transfer from your current school now. Maybe you’re charting a course for a transfer after some preliminary coursework elsewhere. No matter when you plan to arrive at Kettering, you’ll find help, direction, and personal support throughout your journey.

If you’re ready for all the rewarding challenges, push your brain into application mode.

Transfer Your Credits. Transform Your Future.

Kettering's education will prepare you to make a lasting impact on the world. Best of all, the Kettering Built Formula is possible for every Kettering University student, no matter how long they attend.

It doesn’t matter where you started college, or how your journey has led you here. If you’re ready now, let’s learn more about the path ahead and see how your next steps can transfer your credits and transform your future.


Transfer Friendly


Transfer up to 72 credits

What Courses Will Transfer

Up to 72 credits of courses with an earned grade of “C” or better will be considered, provided they have been evaluated for transferability. To determine what courses will transfer to Kettering University, use our Transfer Course Equivalency tool (TCE), located on our website at Enter all your college courses and grades (for classes youare currently taking, enter “C” or better). The results will show you what should transfer and what courses would still be required to meet Kettering University graduation requirements.

Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA)

There are select courses recognized throughout Michigan as transferable between institutions, so you can prepare for your transfer to Kettering by completing General Education courses that qualify for the MTA. With qualifying coursework, students will receive credit for COMM-101, COMM-201, ECON-201, and three Advanced Electives. The Writing Intensive requirement within the General Education block will also be waived.