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Our Robotic Roots

Since 1999, Kettering University has been active in FIRST Robotics. The University houses a FIRST Community Center, hosts two district competitions, awards scholarships and offers pre-college and other robotics programs.


We love robotics students at Kettering.  Kettering University awards more robotics scholarships than any other universities in the US. In 2020, over 88 renewable scholarships were awarded to incoming freshmen and transfer students.

FIRST Robotics Community Center

The Kettering University FIRST Robotics Community Center was opened in 2014. The Center is the first of its kind on any university campus in the country.

The facility provides build spaces for FIRST teams, a regulation size practice field, multiple labs for machining, design, 3D printing and strategizing. More importantly, the students on these teams have unprecedented access to Kettering University's faculty, staff and facilities. Kettering students also serve as mentors to teams.


  • Metal Muscle - Team 1506
  • Flint F.I.R.E.  - Team 322
  • Powers Chargers – Team 894
  • Team TESLA - Team 4998
  • International Academy of Flint - CyberPhoenix - Team 5527
  • Bentley Robo-Raptors - Team 5612
  • Atherton Robotics – Symmetrical Chaos - Team 5660
  • Genesee Christian School - Cyber Soldiers - Team 7491

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