Lives Improve Through Engineering & Science

How do engineers prevent injuries by designing airbags and car seats? Or improve lives by repairing joints, limbs and organs?

Designed for young women, the LITES program explores the role that math, science and technology play in the development of innovations that make the world a better place. All classes and labs are taught by our amazing faculty. Students will also have opportunities to strike up meaningful relationships with female mentors. 

  • See how engineers help prevent injuries by designing airbags and child car seats and testing them with crash test dummies.

  • Learn how engineers repair joints, limbs, and organs by making replacements that are functional and durable.

  • Explore environmental challenges using science and engineering.

  • Solve crimes by combining science and technology.

  • Learn how to change the world through science and engineering.

  • Opportunities to make new friends who love math and science.

  • Great social activities with your LITES mentors.

LITES 2022

Please check back later this year for information on the 2022 camps.

Contact Information

Cherie Taylor
LITES Program Director