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Q3 Joins the Crash Safety Dummy Family

The Crash Safety Center makes life-saving research possible.

$77K NSF Grant = X-Ray Defractometer

Research on using magnetic nanoparticles for cancer treatment to be aided by new research tool.

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In the classroom, you will get to experience how our professors think differently to help you learn differently. At Kettering you will learn in hands-on laboratories like our Lego lab (aka Work Design), crash safety center, state-of-the-art chemistry labs, and much more. 

Professors at Kettering include some of the top engineers, scientists and academicians in the world. Most of your professors have earned Ph.D. degrees after years of study at top universities worldwide. Their work goes far beyond what you see in the classroom.


As an undergraduate, you will have oppotunities to work with our faculty doing applied research that is helping to make a better world.

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