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The College of Engineering is home to the Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Programs offered through the college focus on a variety of subject areas including embedded computer systems, signal process, control systems, robotics, manufacturing and human processes, safety, bioengineering, automotive design, alternative energy and much more.


Kyle Spenger, class of 2021, 3D printed a human femur.When Kyle Spengler ‘19 wanted to find the best solution to a problem with hip replacement surgery, instead of simply compiling data and information for a group project he took it a step further. He 3D printed a femur to use hands-on experience to solve a real-world problem.  

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Kettering University College of Engineering

EE-491: Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Driving

Student sits behind the wheel of a self-driving vehicle on Kettering University's mobility track.

Dr. Jungme Park, Electrical and Computer Engineering faculty member at Kettering University, is bringing the future of automobile industry to the classroom by teaching the new EE-491 course. Students start with a simple process and move to a deep neural network algorithm. With that algorithm, students can detect objects like a pedestrian. Students can take the background from the course and apply it for uses such as speech recognition, stock market predictions and whether or not a customer will buy a product, among other things. | Read More >