Identification Numbers

To protect the privacy of Kettering employees, all faculty, staff and students were issued new identification numbers September 3, 2000, as an alternative to using Social Security numbers. On October 24, 2000, all faculty and staff were requested to use the new ID numbers for document processing.

Leaving the ID field blank or using a Social Security number will delay processing of:

  • all payroll documents including:
    - adjunct and student time-tickets
    - benefit program enrollments and changes
    - overload or additional assignment requests
  • travel / expense reports 
  • cash reimbursement requests including:
    - petty cash documents
    - check requests for Accounts Payable
    - emergency student loans

The Business Office will return via inter-org mail any documents with incorrect ID numbers to the originating department for proper completion. ID numbers are located on Kettering Identification Cards. If you do not have an ID card please make arrangements with the Information Technology department to issue you one. If you have questions please contact Beth Covers via e-mail.