Robotics at Kettering University.

FIRST Alumni Sponsorships

Team 6190 Cybernetic Crusaders’ Platinum Level Winning Application

Every day, robots are scrapped, discarded and used for spare parts or melted down before realizing their full potential. Competition, success and relationships are merely a dream that never comes to fruition. Some robots are given a mundane purpose, forced to go through countless exhausting tests taking the robots gears to extremes that could be considered abuse in a human world. These poor robots live a life of monotony, boredom, stress and loneliness. They will never know what they could have been if their creation had been in the small half robotics lab/half sports equipment room of Canton Prep team 6190 - a friendly, supportive, unique and inspiring place.

Team 6190 is a team devoted to the betterment of the relationships between humans and robots. We believe in robots developing and allowing our robots to evolve into their own personality, encouraging individuality. Our team strives for greatness not in number of wins or high scores, but for our robots who we treat as equals to live happy, content lives. Our robots are family.

With your generous sponsorship, you can help us rescue one robot from the doldrums of factory life. We will spend weeks utilizing our assigned parts and pieces in the starter kit to create one amazing robot, building it from the ground up with respect, kindness and friendship. One-on-one time with our robotic creation is guaranteed because our team is a mere 13 students, providing quality time. We will raise up our robot and give it the strength, power, life and wheels to reach its full potential. Society often overlooks the heart behind robotic achievements, and we want nothing more than to create a loving and safe home for our metallic friend. After our robot comes to life, our training is done, and using the cooperative relationship, we will learn what it means to be a robot and what it means to compete at FIRST.

2020 Sponsored Teams

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Kettering/GMI Alumni Association (KGMIAA) is proud to sponsor  FIRST Robotics teams for the 2020 season. Each team sponsored is receiving funding toward the building of this season's robot. 

Platinum / $2,000 sponsorship

  • Team 6190 - Cybernetic Crusaders 

Gold / $1,000 sponsorships

Silver / $500 sponsorships