If you want a better understanding about the world beyond our own borders, you can achieve that in our International Studies minor as well as have the opportunity to tailor it to your own interests.

In an increasingly global era - in social, political and business arenas - having a broader perspective will serve you well.

The program requires you to take five courses – 20 credit hours – but the mandated one is International Business. For the other four courses, you can select from offerings in economics, history, humanities, literature, sociology and social science.

Course options include Comparative Economic Systems, Africa in the World Economy, The Literature of Multicultural America, Religion in Society and Technology and Sustainable Development.

Why Kettering?

  • Kettering’s global reputation and connections will help you have more job opportunities.
  • Our faculty conduct research in the history of international relations, African American studies, studies in the African diaspora, and American studies.