Current Status Details

Kettering Dining Services (KDS)

KDS continues to offer carry-out only service will be provided from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Sunset Room for students that includes free hot lunch along with dinner for that evening and the next day’s breakfast.  Essential employees still on campus can also take a free hot lunch to go during the same time.


The C-store is open daily from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for non-cash sales.

Campus Safety

Campus Safety, located in the Campus Center, is open and are patrolling the campus.

Wellness Center

The Wellness Center, located in the Campus Center, continues to offer mental and physical well-being services to students from Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with a nurse onsite during those hours. It can be reached by calling (810) 762-9650. In addition, there is the 24-hour Student Assistance Program Telephonic Counseling at (855) 774-4700. For more information, go to

Facilities/Auxiliary Services

Crews continue to maintain and sanitize all areas of the campus.

Student Support

Services offered virtually:

  • The Registrar’s Office - Students’ registration issues, drop/add requests, and other requests related to student record management. (810) 762-7476 or
  • The Academic Success Center (ASC) – Student needs and support with advising, ADA accommodation, etc.  (810) 762-9775 or
  • The Office of International Program (OIP) - International student affairs, travel related requests and issues, study abroad preparation, and international partnership management. (810) 762-9869 or
  • The Library will continue to provide support to faculty and students in accessing library resources virtually including electronic textbooks. (810) 762-7814 or
  • The Student Life Office provides student engagement support through clubs and organizations, Greek Life, Recreation Center, Residence Life, Health and Counseling and the Office of Multicultural Initiatives at (810) 762-9871 or

Campus Events

At this time, all on-campus events have been cancelled, postponed or modified. Events that can be rescheduled are being evaluated for future dates, and those that can be delivered in different platforms, such as campus tours, are now available virtually.


Currently, all University-sponsored travel for faculty, staff and students is cancelled regardless of the state of planning or the nature of any commitments made in support of that travel. 

At this time and until further notice, all University-related non-essential domestic air travel is prohibited.  

While Kettering’s policies do not regulate personal or non-University-sponsored travel, they do regulate the conditions upon which individuals will be allowed to return to campus afterward. We strongly urge extreme caution and judgment when considering personal domestic travel.

Any student, faculty or staff member planning future University-related travel domestically should follow existing protocols and approvals before confirmation. 

Those planning overseas travel (irrespective of CDC status) must follow existing approval processes as outlined by the Office of International Programs (OIP), observing any temporary restrictions imposed by the University.

Thompson Hall

Thompson Hall will remain closed to students through the end of the term as the University performs routine repairs and repeated disinfection in preparation for future occupancy. It will reopen to students at the beginning of the summer term as previously scheduled. However, for summer term 2020 we will suspend our first-year student on-campus residency requirement, permitting entering students to elect either to live in Thompson Hall or to commute to campus if they feel more comfortable doing so.

Students who were scheduled to reside in Thompson Hall, have already been given a prorated credit for room and board for the beginning weeks of the term, and account credits and/or refunds will be issued for students for the loss of access to room and board over the remaining weeks of the term. Please contact with any questions.


Once the spring term ends, faculty will post A-F grades as normal for their students. Grades for winter term have already been posted.

All undergraduate students will be allowed to choose, by individual course, to take the letter grade that has been assigned, or to translate that grade to one of the following: 

  • “P” (Pass) for grades A to C-  
  • “LP” (Low Pass) for a grade of D (including D+)
  • “NC” (No Credit) for an F letter grade.

The default for all students will remain our normal A-F grading system.  So, if a student does not specifically elect the P/LP/NC option for a course, the issued A-F grade will be recorded on the transcript and used in the computation of the GPA as normal.

Upon designation by a student, the Registrar’s Office will convert an issued grade to a P, LP, or an NC on the student’s permanent transcript.  P, LP, or NC grades will not be used in the calculation of a student’s GPA.  

A student choosing to receive a LP in a course rather than a D or D+ may use that grade to satisfy Kettering pre-requisite or degree requirements or choose to retake the course for letter grade replacement credit in the future. The LP grade will not be used in the calculation of a student’s GPA.

If a student elects to take a P, LP, or NC grade in a course, the change on their transcript, once made, will be permanent and cannot be reversed.

The University will delay the awarding of spring degrees by two weeks to allow students in their final term sufficient time to make an alternate grade election decision. Consistent with Kettering’s grade change policy (which does not permit grade changes after degree completion), this option will not be available to students whose degrees have already been awarded.

FN (F for non-attendance) grades may not be modified and will be recorded on the transcript as normal.

Choosing to take a P, LP, or NC grade in a course will not affect a student’s ability to receive academic honors and distinctions, their academic standing, or their scholarship eligibility, as these grades will not affect a student’s GPA.  

The University will revert to its normal A-F grading system upon our return to on-campus delivery in summer 2020.

The Registrar will send direct communication to students to outline the specific procedure for making alternate grade elections. All students should carefully consider the implications of choosing a P/LP/NC grade.  Many graduate schools and professional degree programs will not accept Pass/Fail or P/LP/NC grades for prerequisite courses. Pre-med students are especially cautioned as medical schools often do not accept these alternate grades on core science classes. 
Student with questions are encouraged to speak with their advisor or the Academics Success Center (ASC).

The window for students to change their grade designation will be:

  • Winter Term Election Period: May 18 – May 29
  • Spring Term Election Period: June 29 – July 10 '


Commencement is a culminating and very important recognition of the enormous accomplishments of our graduates. However, as it also represents a large and concentrated public assembly of several thousand people, the University has determined that holding the June ceremony would not be prudent or permitted.

Rather than cancel or hold this important event virtually as some other institutions have, Commencement and related activities will be postponed to give our graduates and their families the opportunity to celebrate their achievements appropriately and safely. 

The University understands that whatever new date for the ceremony, it will conflict with the plans of some. Our decision has been informed, however, by surveys on this topic that we have conducted of our graduates and their families.

  • The 2020 Commencement ceremony will be Saturday, Oct. 10, 2020. 
  • The Honors Banquet will be the evening before on Friday, Oct.  9, 2020.
  • Given the size of the class, and depending upon demand for tickets, this may ultimately require us to divide the ceremony into two held at different times on the same date.  In the near future, we will survey our graduates and their families to assess the demand for guest tickets on this new date. Based upon these results, we will make a decision as to the number of ceremonies we will hold on commencement day. 

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