Boldly Forward is Kettering University's campaign to embrace the future.

Giving New Meaning to “Kettering Built”

Kettering University delivers an education that couples theory and practice better than any institution in the world.

Original thinkers.

Visionary engineers. Problem solvers. Bold leaders.

These are the attributes of “Kettering Built” students and alumni.

Our alumni lead some of the most successful global corporations. Like them, our current students strive to leverage rapidly evolving technologies to create cutting edge ideas and products. At Kettering University, this is possible because our educational model is one of the most successful and innovative in the United States.

Throughout history fortune has favored the bold. It is in that spirit that Kettering is embarking upon a strategic initiative to reimagine our university in many ways — including building a new, state-of-the-art Learning Commons.

The Boldly Forward campaign is currently at $123 million of the $150 million goal.Please join us in learning more as we move Boldly Forward in our campaign to embrace the future.

We are taking yet another bold leap forward with the Learning Commons as the linchpin of the plan. It will unify and connect the campus, providing a world-class experience that significantly enhances student recruitment and retention, supporting the transition from classroom to career more strongly than ever and allowing Kettering to continue to lead for many years to come.

Multiple D-Space areas on Kettering University's campus provides areas for students to study and collaborate with others.

Providing the Spark That Can Change the World

A healthy scholarship program is a game-changer for the nearly 90% of Kettering students who are eligible for federal aid or scholarships. By providing the financial help they need, we are repaid as we watch our students move on to lives of extraordinary leadership and service.

Endowed faculty research chairs help Kettering University faculty showcase their talents.

A World-Renowned Faculty

Endowed professorships and chairs allow the University to reward the most deserving faculty members. They offer tangible proof of a university’s commitment to its staff, students, academic standards and research endeavors, and help attract students desiring to work in research.