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#1 in Return on Investment

Kettering University is #1 among all Michigan universities and in the top 50 nationally. –

Kong Off

Kettering graduate, Michael Groesbeck '02, is among the world's best Donkey Kong players.

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Get an edge on your friends with Kettering University’s professional strength learning. The rigor of the curriculum will challenge your thinking and turn you into an innovative problem solver, ready to make a difference in the world. Plus, by the time you graduate, you’ll have up to two and a half years of real-world experience, a very impressive foundation of knowledge, and an enviable resume.

Employers know that Kettering students are the cream of the crop and ready to hit the ground running. Kettering students are the creators, the designers, the leaders who will shape the future.


Read about Mary Barra's ('85) success and listen to her comments to NPR on her Kettering experience.

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